How to find more customers and grow Sales, even with limited or no budgets & resources

We have all been there. If your existing marketing efforts are not getting you more results, or you have limited or no budgets to burn on advertising, then this is for you. Get the perspective on the New Age way of growing Sales.

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New Channels

Get to use new marketing channels previously not accessible to you.


Build Relationships with other Brands and Corporate Entities

Cut Costs

Get your marketing going without any initial costs. Drive results.

Build Trust

Get Endorsed, build trust to sell new products in new markets.

I am Sanjay Dukle. 

Success Coach. Author. I have been in challenging situations, trying to grow my sales, just like you. Customers are the lifeline of your business - they contribute Revenue. And there was a time when I closed my company due to lack of customers. I now coach hundreds of businesses to be able to go beyond the regular sales and marketing mindset, and adapt new frameworks to grow sales.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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